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Richard Barlow, NNCS Class of 2006, spent the summer of 2006 researching better ways to convert vegetable oil into fuel. The mix of used vegetable oil and diesel fuel will eventually be used by SUNY Canton to help power its lawn care and snow removal equipment. The College Foundation funded Barlow’s research from an unrestricted scholarship donated by Alfred R. Place, who graduated in 1949 and dedicated the endowment on behalf of his wife, the late Mary Beswick.

Richard spent summer 2007 researching the polymerization of poly (test-butyl acrylate-block-vinyl acetate) as part of the McNair Scholars Summer Research Internship at Clarkson University.

The NNCS school community wishes Richard continued success.

Josh Sharlow, Norwood-Norfolk Class of 2006, is presently attending St. Lawrence University and playing basketball. Last season he was first in steals and assists and second in turnovers for the Saints. The Norwood-Norfolk school community wishes Josh continued success for the Saints basketball team in the 2007-2008 season.

Brian Ferguson, Norwood-Norfolk Class of 1984, has been chosen in the field of intellectual property
law for inclusion in “The Best Lawyers in America,” 2008 edition. He is a partner in the firm
of McDermott, Will and Emery, Washington, DC. His sub-specialty is patent law. Brian is the firm
wide deputy head of the intellectual property, media and technology department.

He is a 1988 graduate of Union College with a degree in electrical engineering (magna cum laude) and a 1991 graduate of Albany Law School with a jurist doctorate degree. Mr. Ferguson resides in Bethesda, Maryland, with his wife Audrey and three children.

Mr. Ferguson argued a case that overturned a twenty four year legal precedent regarding willful patent infringement. The matter was argued before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit on behalf of Seagate Technology vs. an Individual Inventory and MIT. He was an adjunct professor at George Washington University School of Law, where for several years he taught a course on Patent Enforcement. In July 2007 he was asked by United States Senators Specter and Kyl to provide comments on patent reform legislation. He is one of the leading legal expert commentators on patent matters and regularly appears on Bloomberg TV.

“The Best Lawyers in America” lists attorneys in 78 specialties, representing all fifty states and the District of Columbia, who are chosen through an exhaustive survey in which thousands of the nation’s top lawyers confidentially evaluate their professional peers. The 2008 edition of best lawyers is based on two million evaluations of lawyers by other lawyers. “Best Lawyers” remains unchanged since its first publication 25 years ago. It remains the gold standard of reliability and integrity in lawyer ratings.

Get Money with Payday Loan Lenders

Short term payday loan lenders are used by lots of people to help see them through difficult financial situations. We all know how costly it is to replace a broken water heater or pay for a medical bill, and for many of us, payday loan lenders are the only option. Payday loan lenders offer small amounts of money to help you pay for some unavoidable that you cannot afford, and when you go with good loan lenders, there are many advantages and benefits to make the most of. Don’t let your finances get you down, try payday loan lenders today and see what they can do for you.

What Are My Options with Payday Loan Lenders?

Short term payday loan lenders offer a few different services, with the two major types being the payday loan and the installment loan. The payday loan is simple; you borrow a relatively small amount of money, and pay it back on your next payday with added interest. The installment loan is likewise a small amount of money, though it is paid back over a longer time period in installments.

Both types of loan have high rates of interest, and as a general rule you should aim to pay back what you owe as quickly as you can to minimize the amount of interest incurred on the amount borrowed. Having said this, many payday loan lenders and installment loan lenders put a considerable amount of power in your hands. For example, good payday loan lenders let you extend the loan period if you find you cannot pay back the money when you first thought you could, and conversely installment loan lenders give you the option to pay back what you owe early to help reduce any fees.

Flexibility is the key word, though it is always important to find loan lenders which charge the smallest fees. Don’t use APR to compare fees – it is easier to look at the extra cost per $100 borrowed, and most lenders charge around $20-$30.

 Using Short Term Payday Loan Lenders

Many people ask when is the right time to turn to payday loan lenders. To answer this question, the majority of short term loan users apply for loans when they are faced with an unexpected expense. To benefit most from payday loan lenders, you have to be strategic. In other words, are the charges you face with payday loan lenders less than the charges you will incur from securing money from other places, or less than the charges you might face if you choose not to pay that bill? It is not hard to calculate the differences, and this really helps you to make the best choice.

Online payday loan lenders are a quick route to short term financial freedom, and with plenty of options and flexibility with payday loan lenders these days, you can be sure to secure the money you need, from payday loan lenders that only want what’s best for you.

Common Myths

For the uninitiated, reading the words “bad credit” and “loans” in one sentence may seem ridiculous. Because really, how can someone already with bad credit avail of loans? There are a lot of people who have wrong notions about bad credit loans, and this incorrect information hinder them from availing such loans when the times get tough. To set the record straight, this article will discuss the most common myths about bad credit loans and their corresponding facts.

Myths about Bad Credit Loans

• People with no credit history or poor credit standing are not entitled to a loan.
• You are obligated to avail the loan after its pre-approval.
• Getting a bad credit loan will hurt your credit standing
• Bad credit loans are scams

Setting the Record Straight About Bad Credit Loans

• People with no credit history or poor credit standing are not entitled to a loan.

People who have not loaned before or have poor credit standing may avail of a bad credit loan. After all, it is for them why bad credit loans are created in the first place. Several lending companies have a department that caters to people with bad credit, and this department can help you get a loan despite your low credit score or lack of collateral.

• You are obligated to avail the loan after its pre-approval.
Different lending companies have different policies, but all, if not most of them, agree that you should never be obligated to avail of a loan after pre-approval. It is simply a phase in the application process wherein you get the idea of your credit standing and the amount of money you need to allocate to pay for the loan. Look at it as an opportunity to make an informed decision whether to push through with the loan or not after weighing in all the factors.

• Getting a bad credit loan will hurt your credit standing.
Just because bad credit loans carry the tag “bad” doesn’t mean it is. It is designed to help people who have poor credit standing avail of some cash, especially in cases of emergencies. Also, it won’t hurt your credit history. In fact, it can help improve your credit standing especially if you are prompt with your payments.

• Bad credit loans are scams
Bad credit loans are usually offered over the internet, but that doesn’t mean they are scams. Real lenders are sincere in helping you and your fellow borrowers get out of the financial rut that you are in. At the same time, it pays to be extra vigilant with the lenders you transact with and run a research about their reputation before dealing with them.

Bad Credit Loans

Getting a loan follows standard protocol, although what’s standard is relative from bank to another and from lending company to the next. That is why you may qualify for a loan in this bank, but probably not in the one next town. Or you might avail this amount of loan in this lending company, but not with the other one next block. However, these banks and lending companies look at a common thing to determine if you are qualified for a loan and how much money you can borrow: your credit score.

Your credit score is like your report card on how well you manage your finances. If you’ve been doing late payments or had missed payments in the past, the report will reflect a less than appealing ranking. But today, you can still get a loan despite what your credit score report says. Here’s why:

Loans Designed for People with Bad Credit

You see, not all loans are created equal. People with bad credit score can make use of bad credit loans, which is just like any other loan, but was primarily designed for them. If you belong to this group, this is loan is an advantage. For one, you can make use of the loan to consolidate your debts or pay your bills, thereby improving your credit score. You can also take a bad credit loan in times of cash emergencies because they’re faster and easier to apply for.

Bad credit loans do not encourage that you take your credit score for granted, but it is simply a means to help you get over financial gap even with a bad credit score.